May 20, 2020 • 40M

after God's own heart - part 1

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teaching lessons and very short stories inspired by Scripture. from author and filmmaker paul andrew skidmore
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1 Samuel 1-2

Hannah is barren. she prays for a son, promising him to The Lord. Israel is spiritually barren and needs new leadership. God gifts both with a newborn child — Samuel.

at the end of the Book of Judges, the author writes,

“In those days there was no king in Israel.

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

— Judges 21:25

Israel was a nation, but not a kingdom. the spiritual leaders were corrupt and aloof. and the nation wandered far from God.

thanks to the desperate prayer of a woman named Hannah, her son, the prophet Samuel, became the leader, priest, and judge of Israel. and God called him to anoint a King — one who believed, acted, and ruled after God’s own heart.

will a King unify an adulterous nation and bring them back to The Lord?

this is the story of The Book of Samuel.