final reshoots of "the darkness rolled over her"

post-production moving along well

i’m trying to stay up late. gotta get on a night schedule. i have to stay up all night tomorrow (tonight?) because we have our final day of reshoots (hopefully!). we’re going to have some exciting behind-the-scenes footage for paid subscribers.

coming soon to paid subscribers:

  • BTS of some new camera rigs plus the final reshoot day

  • quick walkthrough of a fun freelance gig i’m working on

  • preview of the marketing plan for the film

coming soon to everyone, a podcast series on the Gospel of John. no, really. i’ve been wanting to start this for so long, but my mind has been wrapped up with the film. i’m looking forward to the days when i have a full crew, even in post-production, so i can mentally work on a couple of projects at a time.

are there things you’d like to know more about? see more of? drop me a line.