Jul 10, 2020 • 30M

Great News! - part 1

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teaching lessons and very short stories inspired by Scripture. from author and filmmaker paul andrew skidmore
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Matthew 1:1-17 - the Great News arrives…

the Jewish nation had put their trust in the God of Abraham, the law of Moses, and the Kingdom of David. but by the first century, they were under Roman rule, their moral culture was eroding, and it seemed their God was hidden away behind gates and curtains.

suddenly, an unknown manual laborer from a small village hits the streets with a fantastic announcement…

the Gospel according to Matthew tells the story of a self-proclaimed rabbi from Nazareth who took Galilee by storm, then Judea, then Jerusalem, then Samaria, then the whole Roman world, to the entire earth.

in His many teachings and stories, Rabbi Yeshua brings but one message:

“your heart and life can be changed, because God, King of the Universe, is right in front of you. so follow Me!”

this is Great News.