Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church BTS

behind the scenes of "the darkness rolled over her"

i searched high and low for churches. i found a few, but getting in touch was difficult when many of these little churches were not meeting in person. someone on facebook suggested Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and boy was it perfect. turns out, one of our cast member’s mom grew up at this church!

they were so fantastic to give us permission to film and also the use of their van. the church has been around since the 1800s and, with a membership so neighborly, it’s not hard to see why. a big HUGE thank you to Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church!

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when you need the sun, but not that much sun. (this silk diffuser Bennett is holding softens the shadows and decreases the contrast between the light and dark sides of her face. as i walk backwards with the stabilizer, Bennett walks with us to keep the shadow of the silk on Kerri’s head and shoulders. not as easy as you might think.)
camera high in the air on the jib. the stabilizer serves as the head of the jib, so even if the jib is a little wobbly, the stabilizer makes the shot nice and smooth. with the camera so high, we use a wireless video transmitter to be able to watch on the iPad (propped up on the lens case) and i can use my iPhone to start recording and change camera or stabilizer settings. modern technology is incredible.