John : new series, new approach

i'd love your feedback on the next podcast series!

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the Gospel according to John (coming soon)

some of you remember way back before i started working on the film, i did Scripture-based storytelling podcasts/lessons. when we last left off, i mentioned the next series might be the Gospel according to John.

i’ve been making some notes and will begin soon, but i’m trying some new things you may want to help with.

first, tell me your thoughts

what do you love about the Gospel of John? what questions do you have about it? reply to this email, leave a comment, shoot me a text or a DM. get in touch.

i want these lessons to be relevant to people.

next, new platform

facebook live has been good for some reasons, but there’s some things i don’t like about it. one, it’s on facebook, making it hard to connect to strangers and grow an audience. two, there is some serious lag between my video and the chat, so it’s very difficult to be interactive. the video isn’t always necessary and is one-directional. twitter has a live function, but suffers from many of the same ills. same with Instagram.

ClubHouse is a new social media platform that is audio only (it is also iPhone only and by invitation only). i’ve not been on it long, but it’s very addicting when you find the right rooms. it’s also a good place for discussion. any size audience can listen, but only people invited to the “stage” by a moderator can speak. so there’s an openness to access, but it’s not a free-for-all in terms of the conversation.

with ClubHouse, i can invite conversation and discussion around the topic for each podcast episode. then my notes can be tight, fresh, and specific when i sit down to livestream/record.

so if you’re on ClubHouse, follow me and be looking for it.

if you’re not, be looking for the new John series sometime within the next month.

lastly, share

if you know someone that might enjoy or benefit from a study through the book of John, forward them this email so they can find out how to get in touch.

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