tutorial series : lighting - part 1

simple basics for good 3-point lighting

for the filmmakers following, here’s the first of several tutorials i’m doing on some basic filmmaking technique. i’m trying to keep things simple and suggest how they could be done on a budget when possible. my hope is to make these accessible to beginning filmmakers or maybe film people transitioning into new roles (maybe you’re an editor that is starting to film your own stuff, etc.).

if these are helpful, please let me know, because when stuff goes out into the void and there’s no response, i can only assume no one cares.

if there’s something specific you’d like to learn, drop a comment below, and i’ll consider doing a simple series on it, if it’s something i know about.

here’s the simple basic on 3-point lighting, the building blocks for any kind of lighting — movie scene, documentary interview, even 3D rendering.

fyi, the rest of the videos in the lighting series (motivated lighting, color temperature, shadows, etc.) will be for paying subscribers only.