May 14, 2020 • 45M

what is discipleship - part 1

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teaching lessons and very short stories inspired by Scripture. from author and filmmaker paul andrew skidmore
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if you are part of a church, you may have heard the term “disciple” or “discipleship” before, but what does it mean? what is a discipleship group? is being a disciple a strictly Christian thing? what’s the difference in being a student and being a disciple? how does one become a disciple? what does it look like? what are our responsibilities? is it for everyone? how important is it?

this four-part series will cover the basics of being a disciple of Christ — what it means to trust and follow Jesus. we’ll standardize an extensive vocabulary, envision a fully-mature disciple, and talk through the process of growing spiritually as a disciple and parenting others. the information we’ll discuss is largely taken from North Boulevard Church of Christ’s Discipling Handbook, which can be downloaded for free at